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Reliable Debt Collection at its Finest

Reliable Debt Collection at its Finest

Maximum Result in Minimal Time.

Welcome to CKS Financial

A responsible debt collector that follows the highest standards for recovery. We employ the most advanced methods of effective and ethical collection and portfolio management.

About CKS


High standards and hard work are at the foundation of CKS Financial as a company.


We take pride in our customer service skills and enjoy receiving feedback.


We are always looking to grow our team and expand our reach.

Our Advanced Technology

Using our expertise in collections systems, dialers and call center development, we created a specifically designed and integrated recovery platform that leverages the most recent technology.

Our proprietary system has the ability to manage account flows, communications, skip-tracing and general ledger in an easy to use web interface. This allows us to deliver real time data to each of our recovery specialists and provide a rich library of productivity and profitability reports.

Our platform can group data from various sources to determine fraud or profitability scores. Using this detailed data and recovery statistics, accounts are then routed and managed to each specialist allowing us to maximize efficiency and return.

Our Services

Portfolio Acquisition

CKS Financial is always interested in enhancing its current inventory and never passes up the chance to evaluate fresh, primary, secondary or aged portfolios available for purchase, whether it be singular offerings or forward-flow agreements.

If you are a direct seller or qualified debt broker please contact us to discuss portfolio purchase options.

Contingency Collections

We offer affordable, reliable and responsible third-party collections services to credit grantors or investor groups.

CKS Financial takes pride in maximizing recoveries by making sure each account presented to us for handling has priority and that we employ every resource possible to recover it.


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We Offer Spanish Language Services Upon Request

For a translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms in a consumer's preferred language, you may visit the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection website at